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The Sexual Assault Centers in Israel

About Us

Some Words are Easier Written than Spoken


The live on-line chat service provides immediate, anonymous and safe support for survivors of sexual violence and those around them.

The on-line chat was established in order to enable those in need to choose their most favorable means of communication, as well as to adapt the services of sexual assault centers in Israel to the latest technological developments. Our intention was to expand the availability of these crisis centers to populations such as teen agers, the hearing impaired and more.


The live on-line chat was established by HaSharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center in 2015 and initially provided nationwide services. The chat's services are currently provided in collaboration with the Jerusalem and Negev centers.

The on-line chat employs a means of communication similar to that of text and WhatsApp messages, yet is anonymous. Once logged in, you can chose a name that will be used throughout the chat, and begin the chat once a volunteer is available. If busy, you may choose to wait, call the 24-hour hotline - 1202 - or write to us at kolmila1202@gmail.com. We promise to do our best to respond within 48 hours.


In order to be able to provide their support for those who have been sexually abused, our volunteers go through an intense training program and are here to provide non-judgmental emotional support, and to offer information regarding therapeutic possibilities, as well as information for those seeking medical or legal advice. Our community of volunteers is comprised of diverse women in terms of age and personal backgrounds. We believe this diversity parallels that of the women seeking our assistance and enables us to provide appropriate services.

Thank you for choosing to contact us.

We are here to listen to you, to be with you and to believe you.

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ניתן לשלוח מייל בכל עת ל kolmila1202@gmail.com. מענה ינתן תוך 48 שעות.

למענה 24/7 על ידי מתנדבת התקשר/י 1202. למענה על ידי מתנדב התקשר/י 1203